Sergeant Arnold Loosemore, VC, DCM.

1896 - 1924.  Heroism clouded in sadness…..

Arnold Loosemore was born in Sheffield, and was one of seven children. An amazing hero, in the First World War he was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery as well as a Distinguished Conduct Medal.


Terribly injured he lost a leg but survived the war; returning to Sheffield afterwards he got married.


He died of tuberculosis aged 27 and was given a military funeral by the Sheffield City Council with many important guests attending.


The bill for this funeral was then sent to his now almost destitute widow. She had been refused a War Widows pension by the Government because the marriage took place after the war and she knew of his ill health before she married him.


Arnold Loosemore VC, DCM, is buried at All Saints Parish Church, Ecclesall in Sheffield in a grave he shares with three others in order to save money.   

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